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How It Works

Design Customization

Our expertise lies in crafting customized architectural designs that exactly align with your unique tastes and vision. The process begins with a comprehensive design consultation. Our consultations follow a structured process consisting of the following key phases:

1. Initial Discussion

As your trusted advisor, we'll first begin by exploring how to best implement your vision. Zoom meetings will be scheduled for us to thoroughly review drawings, explore various concepts, and identify the best design solution that aligns with your objectives.

2. Schematic Design

To ensure a clear and comprehensive understanding of your goals, we will prepare a schematic design for your project. Schematics can include conceptual plans, renderings, and reference imagery.

3. Design Services Proposal

After finalizing your schematic design and establishing a clear plan, a design services proposal will be created. This comprehensive proposal will outline all the necessary details, including a fixed cost and a firm schedule for implementing your customization.

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How It Works

Structural Engineering

We offer complete and efficient certified engineering services for your plans. It is important to note that the work done by structural engineering can have a significant impact on the overall appearance and atmosphere of your home. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional value not just through our seamless engineering service, but also through our expertise in design coordination. We ensure that your plans are executed exactly as you envision.

The process begins with a design consultation where we carefully analyze the specific requirements of your project. Once we have a clear understanding, we will present you with a detailed proposal that outlines how we will efficiently and accurately complete the work.

1. Initial Discussion

When beginning the engineering process, it is crucial to engage in detailed discussions regarding the specifics of your project, taking into account both design and technical elements. To facilitate this, we will arrange Zoom meetings to thoroughly examine your drawings, explore a range of concepts, and ultimately determine the most suitable engineering solution that aligns with your objectives.

2. Design Services Proposal

After identifying the most suitable approach, we'll draft a design services proposal. This comprehensive proposal will specify all necessary particulars, including a fixed cost and a firm schedule for the structural engineering of your plans.

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