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Design Customization

We specialize in creating customized architectural designs that perfectly reflect your unique tastes and vision. The customization process begins with a comprehensive design consultation, available for a fee of $750. This fee encompasses our structured three-phase process, detailed below. Please note that your consultation includes one set of design schematics. If you wish to explore further concepts or new ideas, we will require that you repeat the process, with each iteration incurring the same fee. Begin your journey to the perfect home by scheduling your consultation today.

1. Zoom Meeting

Objective: To understand your vision, needs, and objectives.

Details: We'll discuss your design goals, preferences, and any specific requirements you have for your project. This conversation helps us align our approach with your expectations.

2. Schematic Concept Design

Objective: To visualize the proposed modifications.

Details: We will prepare a schematic concept design based on our initial discussion. This visual representation shows how the modifications will look when completed. Please note, this is a preliminary concept, not the final design.

3. Design Services Proposal

Objective: To provide a comprehensive plan for implementation.

Details: After you review and approve the schematic concept design, we will create a detailed design proposal. This includes precise timelines and costs for completing the desired modifications.

Design Customization

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How It Works

Structural Engineering

We offer structural engineering services to complement our architectural offerings. During a design consultation, you will have the option to discuss structural engineering solutions tailored to your project. Please note that if you book a consultation solely to discuss structural engineering solutions, the consultation fee still applies. See details below for more information.


Details & FAQs