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Our architectural plans provide the foundation for creating a remarkable and high-quality home. Each drawing set typically contains 13-16 sheets of content that are essential for both you and your builder to understand how to bring your vision to life. Our plans are carefully designed and drafted by experienced professionals in the USA, ensuring that they meet or exceed the latest International Residential Building Code requirements for single-family dwellings. Before you get started, keep in mind that building codes cover many aspects of the building process, and there may be additional requirements specific to your location. We strongly encourage you to consult with your local permitting authority to ensure that our plans meet all of your building requirements. You can trust our plans to provide the framework for a high-quality home that you'll be proud to call your own.

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Have technical or in-depth questions? Get comprehensive support on a variety of topics from site planning, structural engineering, and architectural customization with our personalized design consultation service.

What our customers are saying...
In addition to his outstanding creativity, Scott was very patient and never rushed us. Even when our design was finalized, he offered to help us in the future if we run in to any issues. It should be mentioned how surprised we were to find out that the price for the plan modifications was well beyond reasonable. Our whole experience with Scott and Prim Haus far exceeded our expectations.

Satisfied Client — Maine, USA

We had been looking for house plans for about a year and even reached out to another architectural firm/building company but never received a response after multiple attempts. We were at a loss, however, we came across this gem of a home. We knew this absolutely was our dream home. When we reached out to Prim Haus, we received an immediate response from Scott. Scott has been phenomenal during this entire process. He is kind, friendly, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. No questions went unanswered and he seemed to only be satisfied when he knew we were more than satisfied.

Michael C.

We are so incredibly excited to build our modern farmhouse! The design is stunning! It was such a pleasure working with Scott on refining the design to meet our needs. He's really thought about this design a lot. I felt so confident in his advice as we were progressing along and he always had great solutions and options to offer. Best of all, the process was painless and easy! Thank you so much, Scott!