Plan Sets

Our architectural plans provide the foundation for creating a remarkable and high-quality home. Each drawing set typically contains 13-16 sheets of content that are essential for both you and your builder to understand how to bring your vision to life. Our plans are carefully designed and drafted by experienced professionals in the USA, ensuring that they meet or exceed the latest International Residential Building Code requirements for single-family dwellings. Before you get started, keep in mind that building codes cover many aspects of the building process, and there may be additional requirements specific to your location. We strongly encourage you to consult with your local permitting authority to ensure that our plans meet all of your building requirements. You can trust our plans to provide the framework for a high-quality home that you'll be proud to call your own.

Below are examples of information contained in both the Standard and Complete plan sets:

Floor Plans

A detailed floor plan and a foundation plan are the basis of your drawing set. These plans provide the overall geometry of your home and contain specific dimensions of every aspect of the layout. This includes the location of walls, partitions, offsets, build-outs, windows, and doors. You and your builder will rely heavily on this document in both the planning and execution of your project.

Exterior Elevations

The exterior elevations provide specific information about the outside attributes of the structure. This includes dimensions of architectural geometry, window, and door locations, finish specifications, and zoning information.

Building Sections

A building section is a technical and diagrammatic cross-reference of the architectural design. This type of drawing is created to assist your builder with conceptualizing and visualizing the entire architectural assembly in the greatest amount of detail possible. The more detailed the drawings, the greater your builder's understanding of the design will be, thus reducing the risk of errors and oversights. Our drawings typically include 3-4 detailed building sections.

Assembly Details & Wall Sections

Assembly illustrations and wall sections show how the building is constructed with a high level of detail. This information is critical for your builder and is mandatory for obtaining building permits in many areas.

Interior Details

Interior details and elevations illustrate the arrangement of key areas like kitchens and master bathrooms. This includes the exact sizing and quantity of cabinetry. Information is also provided about features like built-in seating, bookshelves, and recesses. Plumbing fixtures and appliances are also indicated. These details will serve as your how-to guide, particularly if you aim to create the same look as depicted in our design imagery.

3D Views

The more your builder knows, the better the outcome. We provide 3D diagrammatic drawings to explain design features that might not be readily understood from traditional two-dimensional drawings. These drawings also contain all windows and doors annotations for added clarity.

Lighting Location Plan

Lighting is often overlooked. We believe that lighting is a relatively low-cost, high-impact feature. In our lighting location plans, we show you how to light the various spaces and also specify which fixtures are best suited. An accompanying schedule makes tracking fixture type and quantity easy.


A comprehensive list of window, door, plumbing, and room schedules are included with your purchase. Whether you are self-building or employing a general contractor, schedules are a critical component of the planning process. Room schedules are particularly helpful for calculating finish materials like flooring and trim.

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