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Traditionally, a construction estimate is prepared from a full set of architectural plans. This requires a significant upfront investment in order to explore building costs and overall project feasibility. We are excited to now offer a cost effective alternative. Before you purchase a set of plans, we can provide you with a professional construction estimate using the latest technology and estimation practices.

Our partner estimation firm is a US based, licensed general contractor with in depth industry experience. Construction costs are calculated from a combination of database information and extensive residential construction experience. Finding an estimator with field experience is critical for forecasting accurate labor and material costs. Knowledge of construction methods and practices can make a significant difference in your final estimate. Estimates are calculated by building lot address and account for local labor rates and material pricing. Local property values will also be assessed to further enhance the accuracy of your estimate, as many home builders price jobs based on regional economics.

A custom tailored construction estimate is an empowering tool for facilitating your build. Many general contractors are reluctant to bid on projects. They simply do not want to spend the time or money preparing estimates for jobs they might not secure. Having an estimate in hand can help to reduce the friction in sourcing a quality builder. An accurate estimate can also help you to spot a good deal when you see one.

Learn more about how to receive a construction estimate below.

Our construction estimation process is quick and easy:

1. Browse our house plan collection and select a plan that most closely fits your needs.

2. Purchase. There is a $950 fee to receive an estimate. Please use the add to cart button below to begin your estimate.

3. Send us your building lot address. Your estimate will be based on your specific location. Please send your information to: estimate(at) Please include your order number with your request. 

Once your order has been processed, your estimate will begin on the following business day. You will receive your construction estimate within 6-9 business days via the email provided during checkout.

Currently our estimation services are available for US locations only.

Your estimate will begin with the close examination of your architectural plans by a licensed general contractor. Material and labor costs will then be calculated by a professional construction estimator using both standard and proprietary digital software. Your final estimate will reference data from the Craftsman National Construction Estimator database. This is a respected and trusted source of US construction industry data. Lastly, your estimate will be custom tailored to reflect market conditions specific to your location, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Your construction estimate will cover all major components of the structure from the foundation up. Estimates do not include site development costs or other miscellaneous fees associated with permitting (e.g. taxes and regulatory charges).

Construction Estimate

Construction Estimate

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