Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House

Meadow House

Sweeping and spacious, the Meadow House sits agreeably in the open landscape. Natural timber siding and shake shingles reflect tradition while floor to ceiling glass and expansive skylights give the home an unmistakably upscale and modern character.

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3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 1 Story
2 Car Garage

Conditioned Space= 2,813 ft²
Unconditioned Space (Mechanical/Garage)= 727 ft²
Grand Total= 3,540 ft²

*See our FAQ section to learn more about area calculations.

Building envelope-

2x6 conventional lumber framing finished with natural timber siding.

Engineered lumber and or prefab trusses finished with timber shake, asphalt shingles, or standing seam metal, and low slope membrane.

Concrete slab on grade. Alternate details for basement and crawl space included.


Required volume:
103'(width) x 71'(depth) x 26'-10" (roof peak), 29'-10"(chimney height)

A1 First Floor Plan
A2 Roof Plan
A3 Exterior Elevations
A3.1 Exterior Elevations
A4 Building Cross Sections
A4.1 Building Cross Sections
A5 Wall Sections & Assembly Details
A6 Kitchen Details & Interior Elevations
A6.1 Master Bath Detail Plan & Interior Elevations
A7 3D Views
A8 Window, Door, Room, Plumbing & Lighting Fixture Schedules
E1 Lighting Location Plan
S1 Foundation Plan

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