Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House
Meadow House

Meadow House

Sweeping and spacious, the Meadow House sits agreeably in the open landscape. Natural timber siding and shake shingles reflect tradition while floor to ceiling glass and expansive skylights give the home an unmistakably upscale and modern character.

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2,813 ft² - 3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 1 Story
2 Car Garage

*Area is calculated on conditioned space only. Excludes garage, mechanical, and attic areas.

Conditioned Space= 2,813 ft²
Unconditioned Space (Mech/Garage)= 727 ft²
Grand Total= 3,540 ft²

Building envelope-

2x6 conventional lumber framing finished with natural timber siding.

Engineered lumber and or prefab trusses finished with timber shake, asphalt shingles, or standing seam metal, and low slope membrane.

Concrete slab on grade. Alternate details for basement and crawl space included.


Required volume:
103'(width) x 71'(depth) x 26'-10" (roof peak), 29'-10"(chimney height)

A1 First Floor Plan
A2 Roof Plan
A3 Exterior Elevations
A3.1 Exterior Elevations
A4 Building Cross Sections
A4.1 Building Cross Sections
A5 Wall Sections & Assembly Details
A6 Kitchen Details & Interior Elevations
A6.1 Master Bath Detail Plan & Interior Elevations
A7 3D Views
A8 Window, Door, Room, Plumbing & Lighting Fixture Schedules
E1 Lighting Location Plan
S1 Foundation Plan

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  • 100% International residential building code compliance guarantee
  • Complimentary technical support from planning to construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's all about delivering results while saving you time and money.

Save time. A well-designed building can take hundreds of hours to create, detail, and draft before the final construction documents are ready to be built. With a design that’s already complete, you can get started right away.  

Save money. Architects typically charge between 10%-20% of the overall project cost for their professional services. Here you can get a high-end, architecturally designed plan for a fraction of that cost. Our plans and designs compare at about .5%-1%.

Minimize risk. Builders need a final set of plans in order to give you a firm, accurate cost estimate. You shouldn’t have to invest a ton of money upfront just to find out if your project is going to work. 

Create wealth. We believe that excellent design can generate a significant amount of upside for your project. Modern, well-designed homes are bought and sold at a premium in virtually every market. Our goal is to help you maximize the return on your investment.

We can help you create an amazing home without the headache. When you purchase a design, you get a final set of architectural drawings that you can give to your builder. There’s no need to wait months and no need to get locked into expensive and lengthy design contracts.

All designs are fully customizable. Purchasing the complete plan will enable you or a design professional to modify a plan as needed via the CAD files. If you're interested in having us make changes for you, please send us a customization request.

In many cases, Prim Haus plans will provide you with the necessary information required for obtaining a building permit for a single-family residential structure.

Before purchasing a set of plans, we highly recommended that you consult with your local building department. Every location has specific drawing requirements. Many building departments have a checklist of the drawings that you must submit with your permit application. This is a great place to start. Knowing all of the requirements and restrictions beforehand is essential to your success.

For example, your county may require that your drawings be certified by a local engineer. You might find that adjustments are needed to comply with zoning restrictions. Or if you live in a place with earthquakes, hurricanes, or extreme temperatures, your design may need alterations to pass inspections.

The takeaway is that every area has unique laws and regulations. Some are very restrictive while others are very liberal. Step one is to perform the due diligence necessary to identify all conditions and constraints. If you find that you need additional documentation, we can provide you with what you need in a timely manner and at a competitive cost. Please contact us for assistance.

A standard plan contains a ready-to-print file in PDF format. Your file contains the drawings for your purchased design, as listed. Use this file to print an unlimited amount of paper sets (also known as blueprints) at your local print shop. The correct printer paper size is included in the title of your file. Many local print shops (e.g. FedEx, UPS) are very familiar with printing blueprints. Additionally, many permitting offices no longer accept paper drawings for permit applications. You can use your PDF file for electronic applications and submittals.

The complete plan contains your drawings in both PDF and DWG format, as listed. DWG is a standard file format used in the architecture and engineering industries. Purchasing CAD files will enable you (or a design professional such as an Architect or an Engineer) to make any changes desired. CAD files are commonly used for structural engineering.

Please see our how it works section to learn more.

Yes. If you have previously purchased a standard plan, you will receive a credit towards your complete plan purchase. Please contact us for details.

Yes. Our plans include detailed kitchen designs. All cabinetry is based on standard sizing. Your design will tell you exact sizes, quantity, and how to arrange the layout. The detailing includes specific information about architectural features like built-in seating, bookshelves, and recesses. Plumbing fixtures and appliances are also indicated. Our goal is to help you simplify the planning and purchasing process as much as possible.

Yes. We offer quality architectural designs and we guarantee compliance with the latest International Residential Code (IRC) for single-family residential dwellings.

We stand 100% behind our products and the way we describe them to our customers. All plans feature detailed images, floor plans, and other detailed specifications. However, due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Yes. However, please keep in mind that our designs specify details common to conventional North American residential construction. This may or may not be consistent with standards, regulations, and best practices in your location. That said, a competent builder can likely adapt these plans to accurately create a structure using building methods suitable for your location. Please contact us for details on how to obtain this plan with metric units.

Each purchase includes a license to build one home. Please be sure to read our terms of service. By purchasing a set of plans you provide consent to these terms. If you are a professional builder or if you plan on building more than one structure, please contact us for extended licensing.

Yes, we create highly customized architectural designs for customers building in the US and Canada. Custom pricing typically begins at $25,000 for 3,000-4,000 square foot structures. Costs can vary significantly based on requirements. Contact us for a complimentary design consultation.

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